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Working Papers

DF/WP 14/2021 - Assessing the effects of VAT policies with an integrated CGE-microsimulation approach: evidence on Italy
di Ali Bayar, Barbara Bratta, Silvia Carta, Paolo Di Caro,  Marco Manzo, Carlo Orecchia

DF/WP 13/2021 - The concentration of personal wealth in Italy 1995–2016
di Paolo Acciari, Facundo Alvaredo, Salvatore Morelli

DF/WP 12/2021 - The Value Added Tax Simulation Model: VATSIM-DF (II)
di Cristina Cirillo, Lucia Imperioli, Marco Manzo

DF WP 11/2021 - Assessing profit shifting using Country-by-Country Reports: a non-linear response to tax rate differentials
di Barbara Bratta, Vera Santomartino,  Paolo Acciari

DF WP 10/2021 - A Tax-Benefit Microsimulation Model for Personal Income Taxation in Italy
di Elena Miola, Marco Manzo

DF WP 9/2020 - Country-by-Country Reports statistics – a new perspective to multinational enterprises
Descriptive analysis of national and foreign MNEs with a local presence in Italy
di Vera Santomartino, Barbara Bratta, Paolo Acciari

DF WP 8/2020 - Size, heterogeneity and distributional effects of
self-employment income tax evasion in Italy
di Martina Bazzoli, Paolo Di Caro, Francesco Figari, Carlo V. Fiorio
and Marco Manzo

DF WP 7/2020 - Economic and Fiscal Additionality in Italian Tax Credit on Dwellings Renovation
di Marco MANZO, Daniela TELLONE

DF WP 6/2020 - The Impact of Digitalization Policies. Evidence from Italy’s Hyper-depreciation of Industry 4.0 Investments
Barbara BRATTA, Livio ROMANO, Paolo ACCIARI, Francesca MAZZOLARI

DF WP 5/2020 - Un modello statistico per il monitoraggio delle entrate tributarie (MoME)
Enrico D’ELIA, Francesca FAEDDA, Giacomo GIANNONE

DF WP 4/2019 - "And Yet, It Moves": Intergenerational Mobility in Italy
Paolo ACCIARI, Alberto POLO, Giovanni L. VIOLANTE

DF WP 3/2018 - A tax on robots? Some food for thought

DF WP 2/2018 - Redistribution in real-world PIT: Evidence from Italian tax records

DF WP 1/2018 - Effective marginal and average tax rates in the 2017 Italian tax-benefit system
Fernando DI NICOLA, Melisso BOSCHI, Giorgio MONGELLI



ISSN 2610-8887